“Ko au te whenua, te whenua ko au...

I am the land and the land is me”

Working with CSA to bring your vision into existence as a living project requires architectural and co-creative partnership skills that embrace a new way of working. A key part of this is working with nature to inspire and inform our design to be regenerative, resilient and beautiful.

To do this, we work with you to build ‘living’ projects, following the natural stages of life from conception to gestation, emergence, existence/experience, through to renewal or return to earth.

By creating a living project, the project integrates and positively contributes within a larger living environment.

“The sustainability of a living system is tied directly to its beneficial integration into a larger system. The smaller system contributes to the larger system’s development and, in turn, receives nourishment for its own”.

- A Framework for Evolving Sustainability. Regenesis Group

Our integrative approach bridges indigenous wisdom with leading science, particularly in Biomimicry. We have woven together the frameworks and principles of different practices and embedded these as the five foundations within our practice.

These foundations are Regenerative Practice, Biomimicry, Living Futures - in particular the Living Building Challenge, Sacred Form and Tikanga Maori.

What is interesting are the many overlapping and connected practices that form part of each foundation. This allows each of the five foundation frameworks to integrate seamlessly.