to create for ourselves and for our children’s children, as we dance lightly, in beauty, harmony and integrity

reverence is our touchstone...guiding our steps along this path. Where creativity is an attitude, a verb, a way of doing. We yawn at unthinking status quo... peer into the dark with tenacity... insist on moments of uncertainty and suspense – the alternative – to work with what already is.

we start by standing on the shoulders of giants, then look beyond...gather, imagine...act...reflect We ask questions. By asking what lens do we choose, we intentionally change the focus. We stay awake, alive to the possibilities. We broaden and awaken our senses. We evolve visions and sustain values that embody our truth and shapes our decisions... And above all, we know that people and relationship are key to our we nourish and acknowledge... and celebrate along the way


we listen quietly to the land and the people... and be open to what emerges... we are the bridge that links the two in wonder and delight. Through the cycles of the seasons, we navigate the inner and outer worlds – as we seek the pathways that bring forth the sacred into the physical. The through form that nurtures potential and enhances relationship with others and our world around us.