regenerative practice

Regenerative development is a whole systems approach that partners people and their place. It is a pioneering global movement that is motivated at its core to reverse the damage we, as people, have caused to our cities, farms, forests, waterways, and all life within it, and actively take the necessary steps towards a thriving ecology.

Regenerative practice realises that sustainable action is no longer enough to reverse the fragile balance we find ourselves in, in an ever-increasing unpredictable world. And that rather than 'we' as people being the problem, 'we' can be part of the positive answer. It works to make both people and place resilient, more vibrant and more connected.

The first step is taking our place again as part of nature.

From this perspective, regenerative development means harmonizing human activities with the continuing regeneration of life on our planet, even as we continue to develop our potential as humans.     Regenesis Group

Regenerative practice takes its processes from a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, planning and landscape ecology, living systems theory, development psychology, indigenous practice to hydrology and permaculture.

Within this broad spectrum of disciplines, it is not surprising that the process to create regenerative development requires an holistic, collaborative approach. An approach that works on understanding a complex living system, where the project is nested within its living system.

The role of regenerative development is to determine which aspects of a living system to work on in order to realize the greatest systemic potential. Equally important - and this is what makes regenerative development unique - it works to create fields of caring and commitment among stakeholders and stewards. This requires finding ways to continually, consciously regenerate ourselves and our thinking, to continually see ourselves and our place in new ways with new potential.    Regenesis Group


The power to regenerate place has the ability to transform and bring joy to all those who come in contact with a place created in this way - from the clients to the community and ultimately the impact will ripple out to the world.

Regenerating practice is one of our foundations that guide our work.

We are excited and proud to be part of this growing global community and we are an active member of Regenerates Aotearoa, and the wider Regenerative Practitioners.