PROJECT STAGE Conceptual design 1999



A conceptual design that re-interprets the hot pool experience at Miranda. The bath house is designed to offer bathers an experience of rejuvenation and relaxation. Upon arrival, bathers disrobe and cleanse themselves prior to entering the thermal area. A threshold highlights the transition between arrival and bathing. The bathing area is held within parallel gray stone walls that echo the tectonic plates on either side of the fault line.     Read more


Each pool is unique and draws from its environment. The first pool with panoramic views to the sea and the Coromandel has a sandy bottom allowing the bather to immerse their feet deep into the earth and feel the bubbles of the hot springs between their toes. Upon leaving this pool the bathers are encouraged along a passage towards a distant light source. As they journey upward they are offered a variety of thermal experiences.

The next experience is the Steam Room - an internal experience, lit only by the translucent glass separating it from the passage way. The Reflective Pool - is a temperate pool open to the sky yet contained by shadow and light thrown by the overhead pergola structure. The Quiet Pool has only a long horizontal window overlooking the farmland. One can than experience private pools each with a different temperature and the last pool hovers near the hillside surrounded by ferns and native trees.

Upon exiting the thermal pool area the bathers journey takes them on a bridge overlooking the bush to the reservoir - the source of the hot spring water. Another threshold is crossed where the bather has the option of either sleeping or a massage to complete this phase of the journey. Upon resting bathers gradually make their way down to the Reflecting Pool to the eating area, reconnecting with the physical through nutritious food and socialising. 

Rejuvenated and ready to engage with the outside word the bathers journey is complete.