Our projects are built on the foundations of Tikanga Maori, regenerative practice, living futures, biomimicry and sacred form.

The values that shape our decisions and design are beauty, collaborative practice, joy, curiosity and reverence .




otuataua stonefields

te kowhai landing


Boutique accommodation, art galleries, holistic health centres, cultural centres, celebratory places of life and death.

We explore how 'place' celebrates connections with others and with our environment. We create a platform to nourish culture, regenerate vibrant community and support healthy ecology. All within the intent to build and strengthen a community's identity, mana and sense of belonging.

We realise the importance of holistic architecture as it is that which creates harmonious environments that promote health and wellbeing, and ultimately the ability for one to access the delight and wonder of life.



the walk of the ouroboros



We see placemaking as an important part of urban landscape, and create urban interventions through landform and sculptural acupuncture to touch people as they move through their daily lives.

We play with shifting perception to awaken beauty and meaning in the moment of experience.



the treehouse

the gatekeeper


Harvest Home

Tiri Whanau


We take the time to deeply listen to your needs and together we create a living brief. Observing and gathering the stories of the land we uncover the mauri or essence of place.

The brief and essence of place shapes the design, feel and flow of the built form, the spaces in-between and surrounding land.

We work on the big idea to the smallest detail, where every aspect is thoughtfully considered - interiors, exteriors, materials, lighting, landscaping and colour. Each part is like a note or version, where together they form a coherent and unified whole.