Louise Marra

Project : The walk of the Ouroboros


To work with Charissa is to enter through a door, which like the wardrobe in Narnia, takes you into journeying places you did not envisage.  It takes you into a magic and a deep grounding that is a delight to journey.

She works in partnership, but not in a normal way, it is a tripartite relationship – with her, with you and with the land and its beings.  She helps connect you to the land and energies of the land and its inhabitants, but not in a surface way, that follows the contours or the shape.   This relationship follows the deeper callings of the land, what is being expressed there, what wants to be expressed and how it relates to you, the current caretaker.   It is about how you are fed from and can feed the space you call your home, your turangawaewae , which is also the home of many other species all relying on the particular ebb and flow and orientation of the land itself. 

Charissa is gentle and wise and very much a sensor of things, and working with her helps you develop further or even begin to see (depending on where you are) what your relationship with the land you inhabit is and what it could be.  

She is also practical and professional delivering a product that feels more like art than a plan, that you feel you can learn from, nurture and be nurtured by.