Project Stage:           Developed Design - Gestation

Project Architect:      Charissa Snijders

Project Team:            Charissa Snijders + Sanghun Lee


The design intent is to create a home that sits quietly in the land; a place that feels both graceful and serene. The materials selected are from a natural palette range - warm muted grey plaster mixed with dark chocolate and lighter coloured timber held together with green roofs - all work together to provide a harmonious and recessive merging into the land.

Careful landscaping further helps to integrate the buildings into the land with considered placement of rocks, grasses and trees. The curved grey plastered retaining wall behind the main dwelling protects, holds and shelters the home. The wall will be covered in lush planting with creeping natives from the lower level meeting cascading plants from the top level.

The siting on the home between the two existing dwellings helps strengthen the community feeling which has started to be established on this land. This is further reinforced by keeping the connecting walkway which provides the walking link between the homes promoting easy engagement amongst the family.