Judge John Adams and Usha Patel

Project: Mosaic


In 2004 – 2005, Charissa Snijders developed architectural and artistic features to enhance our enjoyment of our home.  These included the layout of a library, the design of a tiled entrance-way and an integrated colour scheme which has enlivened our historic villa.

Charissa consulted us throughout, offering advice and responding to our feedback.  She managed the necessary work which included, among other things, having a specially designed kauri ladder for the library rail; and commissioning and overseeing the creation of tiles for the entrance.  Her eye for elegant design and natural harmonies took the project to a very satisfactory plane.

One particular feature deserving special mention is the mosaic tiled entrance.  Charissa produced a design that introduced the ambience we strove for.  Constructed of small specially created mosaic tiles, its colours warm visitors up to the interior palette.  Under her direction, the floor was lowered so that the mosaic proceeds seamlessly onto the polished wooden floor of the hallway (now dressed with a Persian carpet runner).  The rectangular frame of the design grounds the piece within the hallway of which the entrance forms part.  That rectangle holds a circular feature composed of ribbon-like lines.  The ribbons (made of tiles) extend through the rectangular frame.  The sympathetic affect of the design marries the architecture of the villa to the organic life that occurs within it.  It is reminiscent of Greek designs, Leonardo da Vinci proportionality, fish, eyes, ribbons….  The design holds to the architecture, welcomes the visitor and gestures beyond the entrance to the further reaches of the house.  It is a feature of daily delight.

Having now had some years to appreciate the resultant enhancement of our home, we continue to be well pleased with what she did.   She responded to our wishes with vision, artistry and practical execution.  Our relationship with her was excellent.   For all these reasons, we recommend her.


(Judge) John Adams and Usha Patel