Pathfinder Project Case Studies
in collaboration with Constructing Excellence NZ and Branz

Pathfinder Project 01 Hopkirk Research Institute

Pathfinder Project 02 Northern Gateway Toll Road

Pathfinder Project 03 The Plaza Shopping Centre

Pathfinder Project 04 Meridian 5 Star Green Building

Pathfinder Project 05 The National Bank Green Branch

Pathfinder Project 06 Northern Busway Station

Pathfinder Project 07 Project Kingfish

Pathfinder Project 08 Whanganui UCOL

Pathfinder Project 10 Braemar Hospital

Pathfinder Project 11 Sovereign House

Pathfinder Project 12 East Coast Road

Pathfinder Project 13 Facade, Victoria University Teaching and Research Facility

Pathfinder Project 14 Constructing Great New Zealand Projects, co-authored with Amanda Warren

Build 108, October/November 2008, pp38-39
Collaboration under a traditional contract

Build 109, December 2008/January 2009, pp36-37
Alliance model brings innovative practice

Build 109, December 2008/January 2009, pp41-42
Modelling moves to 5D

Build 110, February/March 2009, pp30-31
Meridian’s flagship for sustainability

Build 110, February/March 2009, pp32-33
Doors open on first green retail building

Build 111, April/May 2009, pp28-29
Partnership a winning formula

Build 112, June/July 2009, pp32-33
No flight of fancy

Build 113, August/September 2009, pp32-33
The important thing is people

Build 114, October/November 20019, pp38-39
Green hospital a healthier choice

Build 115, December 2009/January 2010, pp39-40
Commitment to people the best insurance

Build 116, February/March 2010, pp24-25
A road less travelled

Build 117, April/May 2010, pp26-27
A facade to stand the test of time

Build 118, June/July 2010, pp38-39
Constructing great New Zealand projects


A deeper shade of green: sustainable urban development, building and architecture in New Zealand / edited by Johann Bernhardt
- The architecture, engineering and construction industry / Charissa Snijders
- Non-government organisations (NGOS) / Charissa Snijders


The Value of collaborative working in architecture, a New Zealand study - thesis

Introduction (pdf)
Main text (pdf)