'If you are considering having a home designed by CSA get ready for something special to happen. Fight for her, or wait for her if she is to busy, or beg her not to go on holiday, or get married, or have a baby, or move overseas. Fight to get her because you will never be the same again and you will live happily ever after in your new home.'     Read more

- Heather Owens - The Gatekeeper


'To work with Charissa is to enter through a door, which like the wardrobe in Narnia, takes you into journeying places you did not envisage.  It takes you into a magic and a deep grounding that is a delight to journey....She is also practical and professional delivering a product that feels more like art than a plan, that you feel you can learn from, nurture and be nurtured by.'     Read more

- Louise Marra - The walk of the Ouroboros


'Having now had some years to appreciate the resultant enhancement of our home, we continue to be well pleased with what Charissa did. She responded to our wishes with vision, artistry and practical execution. Our relationship with her was excellent. For all these reasons, we recommend her.'     Read more

Judge John Adams and Usha Patel - Mosaic


'Charissa’s energy and passion for the project along with her ability to communicate her ideas has been invigorating, making it easy for us to work as a team. As the project grew in complexity Charissa was able to provide innovative solutions at the same time holding firm to the theme which underpinned the original design statement'     Read more

- Peter Cooke and Jen McBrearty - Te Kowhai Landing


'The quality of our house and the pleasure that we derive from its aesthetics owe a lot to Charissa’s dogged attention to detail and to her easy and constructive relationship with the contractor and sub-trades... But above all, Charissa listened to us, got to know us, and worked tirelessly to ensure that this house would suit us. We are happy to commend her'     Read more

- Tom Finlayson -


‘Ms Snijders has a fine eye for colour and detail. Most importantly she has a calm and resolute approach to the technical and practical aspects of architecture’     Read more

- Hamish Keith -


‘We feel Charissa has shown an excellent understanding of the 'human' needs, together with the functional requirements of design... Charissa is very professional and personable in her dealings’     Read more

- Rob and Margaret Buckett -